You will need
  • - textbooks in computer science;
  • - notebook;
  • - collection of problems in computer science;
  • - a collection of exemplary tasks for the exam on Informatics (with answers).
To successfully pass the exam on Informatics, as well as on any other subject, the first thing to do is to properly configure itself. The cause of most failed exams is not a bad level of training and lack of knowledge and excessive experience and excitement in preparation and the actual exam. Calm down, convince yourself that everything will work out and start preparing for the exam on Informatics.
Start training with the repetition of theoretical material for the entire course of Informatics. You can not read all the books and manuals in full, scroll down and repeat those chapters in textbooks, which you have insufficient knowledge.
Now parasite sample problems for the exam on Informatics. The exam will be similar tasks, because normally you only change the numeric data in the task and the meaning remains the same. In the decision process identify the tasks that you gave the wrong answer.
Identify issues of the tasks that you assumed wrong. Write these topics in a notebook and once again start the tutorial. This time on specific topics. The material need to reread record the most important the knowledge and skills to solving problems in the workbook. Outlining is necessary, because the allocation of the most basic for yourself, the material is much more memorable.
If the exam is still time to prepare, then try again to perform exemplary tasks for the exam. This time the errors should be much smaller.
In the exam, don't worry. After this training, you must take the exam only on the "good" and "excellent".