What to look for when choosing a hygrometer

Usually buy a hygrometer in order to obtain accurate information about the level of humidity in the office, apartment or other premises with conditioned air. Thanks to this device you can quickly make changes and to control the degree of moisture that will make conditions of stay of people in this room more comfortable.

Also consider purchasing an additional RC of the temperature sensors, with which it is possible to equip a modern device. You can mount them in any place of the apartment, and outside distance up to 30 m from the instrument. Thus information about temperature conditions in different locations will be received at the same time.

In addition, new devices may have memory functions that allow you to register maximum and minimum temperatures. So you can control the temperature in your absence.

When choosing a hygrometer to focus on its specifications. Especially important is the role of the measured pressure parameter. And therefore decide initially what humidity you will determine the relative (RH) or absolute, which is measured in g/m3.

You also need to consider the measurement range, the hysteresis and accuracy. If you want to buy high-precision humidity sensor, you will need to focus on the optical device. Degree of protection IP scale means what is the degree of protection against penetration of dust and water inside it has the device. With regard to the indicator on the working temperature, it is important if you want to perform measurement in non-standard conditions.

How to choose a hygrometer: additional recommendations

When choosing a hygrometer first and foremost decide on how much humidity it needs to measure. In sale there are models capable of measuring the absolute humidity of the air and working only with relative humidity.

Define the measurement range, as there is a possibility to buy a model with which you will be able to determine a high enough humidity for her. Decide for yourself how important the accuracy of the hygrometer. If it is critical – buy optical instrument.

Determine the conditions which will be measured. You need to understand whether there is a possibility of moisture or dust into the device. Developed IP protection scale hygrometers - 0-6 to 0-8 dust and water. Based on the possibility that these substances give preference to models with the right scale.

It should also be noted that some hygrometers, measuring humidity at non-standard temperature conditions, can give distorted figures.