You will need
  • a small glass bowl, hairline, membrane hygrometers, 2 alcohol thermometer, a rectangular plate for thermometers, 6 clamps for mounting thermometers and tank water to a plate cylinder of water, a fabric wick.
There is a fairly simple way to find the approximate humidity of the air. Type water into a container and chill in the refrigerator until the temperature 2-3 degrees. Take it to the room and set away from heating appliances. View on the vessel wall after 5 minutes. Walls are dry – the humidity of air is low, a damp wall – humidity of the air medium, on the walls of the vessel appeared streams of water – the humidity of air is high.
Hairline hygrometer consists of a metal frame, a dial pointer and stretched between the pointer and carcass fat-free hair. This device uses the ability of the hair to change its length depending on the humidity of the ambient air. To measure put the hair hygrometer in the room. After 10 minutes read the readings.
In a membrane hygrometer humidity air takes the membrane from the organic matter. Change the position of the membrane when the relative humidity of the air are transmitted to attached to the arrow system. When measuring the humidity of the air in such a hygrometer wait 20 minutes, then read the readings.
More accurate readings of the psychrometer. In the absence of the factory is possible to make a homemade psychrometer. 4 attach the clamps 2 alcohol thermometer to the plate. Between 2 clamps attach the tank to the water. The container with alcohol one thermometer wrap the cloth and secure with string. The free edge of the fabric down into the tank with water. The humidity of the air , calculate according to the table, fixed on the image to step.