Hygrometer mechanical type: the simplicity and accessibility

Mechanical hygrometer is most commonly used to control humidity in the premises. It is cheap, simple in design, but not always, has a high sensitivity to humidity changes. The simplest hygrometers mechanical type are not validated meteorological services, and therefore cannot be certified. The measurement results for this reason are far from the real environment settings. Hygrometers of this type are very sensitive to mechanical stress and therefore require the most careful treatment.

For hygrometer mechanical type is set to the place of its installation. Often devices of this type is required to hang on the wall. Such an arrangement is not always convenient, because it can make a dissonance in the interior. Everything else, wall hygrometer is not mobility, so moving it from one room to another difficult.
Wall hygrometer mechanical type without any additional configuration can only be used in stationary mode.

Electronic hygrometer: measurement accuracy and versatility

Electronic humidity meter has significant advantages, if compared with the mechanical type of hygrometer. It is able to operate in a wider temperature range, fixing the minimum variances in the humidity. Most quality models can be operated in the temperature range from -30 to +60oC.
E-filling ensures a higher accuracy of measurement, which mechanical devices are not always able to provide.

Another advantage of electronic device – data visualization. Typically, such a hygrometer has a digital indicator which displays the level of humidity in the room. Very often, the device is universal and provides the possibility to remove the temperature reading shows the time and provides some other useful information about the environment.

Household electronic hygrometer of the type have a modern design that fits perfectly into the interior of the dwelling. These devices are compact and can be installed in any point of space. Even the color of the body of the hygrometer can be selected taking into account the design of the room.

There are more sophisticated electronic devices for measuring humidity, which are composed of several radio-controlled sensors. They can be mounted in the right places of the apartment or country house, as well as outside. The smart device collects information about humidity from several points, and the automatic control system on the basis of these data it makes changes in the climatic regime even in the absence of the owners.