Advice 1: What a hygrometer is better - mechanical or electronic?

In rooms where air-conditioners are required to maintain optimal humidity. To assess this environment and to take action to change it, use household hygrometers, which can be mechanical or electronic. Each type of thermometer has its own advantages and disadvantages.
What a hygrometer is better - mechanical or electronic?

Hygrometer mechanical type: the simplicity and accessibility

Mechanical hygrometer is most commonly used to control humidity in the premises. It is cheap, simple in design, but not always, has a high sensitivity to humidity changes. The simplest hygrometers mechanical type are not validated meteorological services, and therefore cannot be certified. The measurement results for this reason are far from the real environment settings. Hygrometers of this type are very sensitive to mechanical stress and therefore require the most careful treatment.

For hygrometer mechanical type is set to the place of its installation. Often devices of this type is required to hang on the wall. Such an arrangement is not always convenient, because it can make a dissonance in the interior. Everything else, wall hygrometer is not mobility, so moving it from one room to another difficult.
Wall hygrometer mechanical type without any additional configuration can only be used in stationary mode.

Electronic hygrometer: measurement accuracy and versatility

Electronic humidity meter has significant advantages, if compared with the mechanical type of hygrometer. It is able to operate in a wider temperature range, fixing the minimum variances in the humidity. Most quality models can be operated in the temperature range from -30 to +60oC.
E-filling ensures a higher accuracy of measurement, which mechanical devices are not always able to provide.

Another advantage of electronic device – data visualization. Typically, such a hygrometer has a digital indicator which displays the level of humidity in the room. Very often, the device is universal and provides the possibility to remove the temperature reading shows the time and provides some other useful information about the environment.

Household electronic hygrometer of the type have a modern design that fits perfectly into the interior of the dwelling. These devices are compact and can be installed in any point of space. Even the color of the body of the hygrometer can be selected taking into account the design of the room.

There are more sophisticated electronic devices for measuring humidity, which are composed of several radio-controlled sensors. They can be mounted in the right places of the apartment or country house, as well as outside. The smart device collects information about humidity from several points, and the automatic control system on the basis of these data it makes changes in the climatic regime even in the absence of the owners.

Advice 2 : How to measure humidity

Humidity measurement is necessary as physicists and weathermen. And ourselves this question, too, should be interested in, especially if we sit for a long time in the same room. Because humidity affects the human body because we need to control. There are two main types of instruments for measuring humidity. They differ in the device and principle of work. It hygrometers and psychrometers.
The humidity in the room can be define in many ways
The principle of operation of hygrometer is to analyze the effect of variations in humidity on a certain type of body and matter. For example, hair hygrometers based on the ability of skimmed human hair to change its length in response to changes in humidity. Such hygrometers measure the humidity in the range 30-100%. In film hygrometers moisture sensitive element is an organic film.
Although film and hair hygrometers are not able to give such accurate measurements, which is given by the psychrometer. But in winter, the main means of measuring the relative humidity of the air are all the same hygrometers, which are also the weight, the electrolytic condenser and ceramic. Each of these types of hygrometers has its own characteristics. But the base one for all: the hygrometric method of measurement or determination of the dew point.
Psychrometric method of measuring relative humidity is also very popular. The hygrometers accuracy can reach 5%, but psychrometers much more accurate. Standard the simplest psychrometer consists of two thermometers. One dry and the second wet. The second is wrapped in water soaked cotton cloth. Evaporating water cools the thermometer, and at this time the second (dry) thermometer shows the temperature of the surrounding air. Testimony in the end are transmitted to the evaluation unit, which determines the relative humidity of the indoor air based on the difference in temperature between the dry and wet thermometers.
If neither psychrometer or hygrometer you do not, humidity can be measured without them. Type in a glass of cold tap water and place it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Make sure that the water temperature has not dropped below $ 5. Put a stack in the room so she was away from heaters. Now watch the pile for several minutes.
If the walls of the stack began to fog up and they're dry in five minutes, so the humidity is very low, that is, the air is dry;
On average humidity is "misleading" wall of the stack, and the remaining fogged;
If the surface of the glass within five minutes of the formation of small streams of water, so the humidity in the room high.
If you have a special device to measure humidity – hygrometer, to determine what the humidity in the room is not difficult. But what if there is no such apparatus. Find the approximate values of the humidity in the apartment and on their own. How to measure humidity without a hygrometer. There is a fairly simple way.
Useful advice
In winter the air dries due to the Central heating, in summer it often happens that the humidity is very high. How to measure humidity in the apartment and bring it to normal? Depends on the humidity level of the concentration of moisture outside. In winter, this difference is significant as a result of the heating. To measure the humidity, use the good old hygrometer (personally I still have from my grandparents – 3 in 1: thermometer, hygrometer and barometer).

Advice 3 : How to determine the humidity of the air in the room

In order for your apartment or house is kept healthy microclimate, it is necessary to monitor not only the temperature of the air in the room, but also for its humidity. Dry air can lower immunity and make it vulnerable to different kinds of colds. Therefore, the determination of moisture in the air of the room is quite important.
How to determine the humidity of the air in the room
You will need
  • - the psychrometer;
  • - hygrometer;
  • thermometer;
  • - gauze;
  • - psychometric table;
  • - candle;
  • - matches;
  • - birch or pine sliver.
Perhaps the simplest and most reliable method of determining the moisture content of the air is to use special measuring devices psychrometer or hygrometer. According to the principle of hygrometers are divided into several types - film, hair, weight and others. The device can be used both in residential and warehouse premises, as well as in greenhouses, cattle and poultry farms.
Psychrometer allows you to measure how the humidity and temperature of the air in the room. The device simple room device includes 2 alcohol thermometer and a table for reading. To purchase any of the devices can be in specialized stores.
If for whatever reason you can't use devices, but you have a psychometric table to determine the humidity of air room you can use a mercury thermometer. Measure the temperature of the air in the room and record the readings. Take cheesecloth and soak it in water. Tightly wrap the thermometer head and leave for 10 minutes. Clear indications. Subtract the first number from the second. The difference between the readings of the thermometer will determine the relative humidity of the air at a special table.
To determine the moisture, you can also use ordinary people's ways. For example, the fact that the air in the room is too dry, you can understand just watching the plants. If the tips of the leaves of your "green Pets" first become brown and then dry up or do the leaves curl and shrink, it clearly demonstrates the lack of moisture in the air. Other symptoms include abscission of buds and defeat of plant pests such as thrips, spider mites and whiteflies.
Take a pine or a birch twig. Put it on the floor and leave it for a week. Try to break the sliver. If this will make a dry crackling sound, then the room is too dry. If the sliver breaks without any sounds, the humidity of the air in the room is normal. If puppies only bends and does not break, the humidity increased. It should be noted that such a measurement method is more suitable for non-residential premises.
Light a match or candle and watch the flame. If the flame burns vertically, the humidity increased. When humidity is low, as a rule, the flame falls back in different directions, and around him formed a crimson halo.

Advice 4 : How to choose the right hygrometer

A hygrometer is a device by which the measured humidity. There are many kinds of this device. If you want to buy a hygrometer, first determine what it is measuring with its help you will spend.

How to choose the right hygrometer

What to look for when choosing a hygrometer

Usually buy a hygrometer in order to obtain accurate information about the level of humidity in the office, apartment or other premises with conditioned air. Thanks to this device you can quickly make changes and to control the degree of moisture that will make conditions of stay of people in this room more comfortable.

Also consider purchasing an additional RC of the temperature sensors, with which it is possible to equip a modern device. You can mount them in any place of the apartment, and outside distance up to 30 m from the instrument. Thus information about temperature conditions in different locations will be received at the same time.

In addition, new devices may have memory functions that allow you to register maximum and minimum temperatures. So you can control the temperature in your absence.

When choosing a hygrometer to focus on its specifications. Especially important is the role of the measured pressure parameter. And therefore decide initially what humidity you will determine the relative (RH) or absolute, which is measured in g/m3.

You also need to consider the measurement range, the hysteresis and accuracy. If you want to buy high-precision humidity sensor, you will need to focus on the optical device. Degree of protection IP scale means what is the degree of protection against penetration of dust and water inside it has the device. With regard to the indicator on the working temperature, it is important if you want to perform measurement in non-standard conditions.

How to choose a hygrometer: additional recommendations

When choosing a hygrometer first and foremost decide on how much humidity it needs to measure. In sale there are models capable of measuring the absolute humidity of the air and working only with relative humidity.

Define the measurement range, as there is a possibility to buy a model with which you will be able to determine a high enough humidity for her. Decide for yourself how important the accuracy of the hygrometer. If it is critical – buy optical instrument.

Determine the conditions which will be measured. You need to understand whether there is a possibility of moisture or dust into the device. Developed IP protection scale hygrometers - 0-6 to 0-8 dust and water. Based on the possibility that these substances give preference to models with the right scale.

It should also be noted that some hygrometers, measuring humidity at non-standard temperature conditions, can give distorted figures.
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