The most common is the European (common) hedgehog. He lives in the desert and ecologo. Can try to meet him near a large river, forest or semi-deserts. The European hedgehog lives in swamps and dense continuous forests. In winter, this animal goes into hibernation, which can last six months. The animal hibernates in a nest of leaves and grass, sometimes digging shallow burrows. Day hedgehog hiding.
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On the side of the fields, deciduous forest, along the river you can find the forest hedgehog. Sometimes there are hybrids of European and forest urchins. This animal hibernates in November and wakes up in March. Forest is related Amur hedgehog. This animal is less common, is not found on the moor, in the highlands, and large arable areas. Usually settles in the coniferous-deciduous woodland, winters in the ground socket.
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Steppe hedgehog listed in the Red book, so you most likely will not meet. This animal lives near the cultivated landscape, Northern rivers, highways. Most often settles in those places where a lot of shrubs, herbs, sometimes inhabits the steppes and forest-steppes. Not found in wet lowlands and in areas with rocky bottoms. During the day hides under stones and roots. In hibernation since September (warm season from October) to April, winters in the burrows of other animals.
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Inspect the semi-desert, dry steppe, herbaceous-shrub heathland, where you can find eared hedgehog. This animal lives in moist ravines, in irrigated lands, and along rivers. Never found in the dense herbage and bare deserts. Summer animal hides in natural shelters. In hibernation from late October (or early November) until the end of March (beginning of April), winters in long burrows. In warm time not falling asleep.
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Very often hedgehogs are found in the cities. This is a night animal, day their not worth looking for. Hedgehogs love apples, go out on the street at night and leave in the grass these fruits. Try not to make noise, do not just take an animal. Feed him apples and give milk a few nights in a row, he needs to get used to your presence.
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