Diet hedgehog in the wild

как правильно кормить ежей

Problems with finding food in the wild hedgehog does not occur. Pretty animal runs fast, has a very developed sense of smell and hearing. In addition, hedgehogs are not afraid of water and can travel large distances of water with the change of environment or looking for food. These mammals are primarily nocturnal and in the winter, usually hibernate. In spring, hedgehogs consume more feed than during wakefulness. This is due to the need to replenish vitamins and fats. Observations show that animals are able to eat per day is the amount of feed, which accounts for almost half of their weight.

Hedgehogs are omnivorous animals. In the wild they eat many types of plant and animal food. The main diet of hedgehogs are beetles, slugs, caterpillars and larvae. Quite often animals eat frogs, lizards and other representatives of the reptiles.

Mouse and eggs – a rare food in the diet of a hedgehog. However, if during the search for food, the animal finds a birds nest on the ground or in shrubs, then from such treats as eggs or newborn Chicks, a hedgehog will not give up. In addition, when meeting with the usual mice or voles barbed inhabitant of the forest, also do not eliminate them from your diet.
The hedgehog is able to win over any snake. He grabs her tail, rolled into a ball, and when it attempts to bite the snake runs into a protection in the form of needles. The hedgehog, however easily bites off the enemy's spine and eats it.

From plant foods hedgehogs prefer berries, fruits and mushrooms. In autumn, they collect fallen acorns. Leaves, grass and shoots of trees, hedgehogs do not eat, but in periods of lack of food, which happens very rarely, you may eat buds of trees or seeds.

What to feed a hedgehog at home

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Hedgehogs need food that contains enough fat and enough protein. At home hedgehogs can feed any kind of cooked meat, eggs, bread, fruits and vegetables. The main diet of the animal should enter primarily the world of insects – grasshoppers, cockroaches, crickets. In a small number of hedgehogs can be given earthworms.
Scientists have proved that hedgehogs absolutely not susceptible to any kinds of poison. They are immune to the bites of poisonous insects and even arsenic.

You should pay particular attention to dairy products. Sour cream, milk, and yogurt to give hedgehogs is not recommended. This is due primarily to the lack in the animal body with special enzymes that metabolize lactose. Low-fat cottage cheese hedgehog, not only can be given, but necessary. There are some individuals who out of all the treats most prefer ice cream. In order for the needle was sturdy and didn't fall out, the animal needs sufficient amounts of calcium. It is also recommended to feed hedgehogs cereals.

Because of the variety of complex food animals are constantly in need of liquid. In the wild to find water isn't difficult, but at home we must take care that the hedgehog was drinking.