Life abroad is a fun adventure, but in reality it may be otherwise. Moving to another country can be for you as a Paradise and a living hell. From the positive moments it is possible to provide the opportunity to learn a foreign language, to learn a lot about the culture of the country, to try unusual dishes. But there are also negative aspects: language barrier lapses committed because of ignorance of culture and customs of the country, and especially the kitchen can result in stomach problems and even disease. Of course, an important role is played by the circumstances in which the move is made and preliminary organization of everyday life and living conditions. Consider the basic issues that will have to face, being a long time abroad.

Foreign language

Communication with the local population always seems to be a complicated issue for people living abroad. If you don't speak the language of this country, even the most simple everyday things can become an insurmountable obstacle, significantly impairing quality of life. However, the language barrier can be viewed in a positive way. If you are interested in learning a foreign language, then you have everything for it. Nothing helps in learning the foreign language better than immersion in the environment. Indeed, literally everyone with whom you contact, it is to have a language partner, and even teacher.

For migrants who have lost themselves abroad and moving from place to place in search of a better life or work, it was coined the name global nomad. It was put into practice by Norma mccaig, the founder of the company "Global Normad Int."


Like language, culture also plays an important role in human life. Rules of social etiquette may differ significantly from what you are accustomed to from childhood. For example, how correctly to show to the hostess that the dish you like, may cause misunderstanding and even insults, if you do not know the customs of this country.


Food can become a source of world delight or a huge disappointment depending on what you like and what you are used to in their home country. For example, in some countries, the local cuisine includes a variety of seafood, the existence of which you might not even know. If you do not like fish, then it can cause constant hunger. On the other hand, the lovers of sea food such food will have to taste. Even if you like the cuisine in this country, sometimes you want to taste the native food. However, not everywhere and not always it is possible to buy familiar products for the preparation of national dishes.

The price

Quite often, people seeking career opportunities abroad, move to large cities or Metropolitan areas, where financial and commercial life of the country. As a rule, residents of such cities is worth a lot of money. So after moving to Paris, Sydney or new York, will very soon find that the level of earnings does not allow to purchase anything for the soul than the basics. On the other hand, living in a small town abroad, many were able to note that can afford more than in the home country.

Visa issues, approvals and permits required for residence in the country, as well as the conditions of medical care - moving to another country starts with the serious paperwork.

Communication with family

Distance has ceased to be such a big problem as it was in the days of airmail and transoceanic passenger liners. Of course, now that the availability of cheap communication over the Internet, it became easier to communicate with family and friends. People now do not feel isolated abroad. And if you have a burning desire to visit family, tickets are available anytime and anywhere and even online.