Useful properties of beer

Of course, when drinking too much beer all their beneficial properties can not be ignored, because an excess of alcohol is very harmful for the body. Doctors believe that a day can be consumed from a half liter to two of the live draft beer, it all depends on your body weight. Some experts believe that regular consumption of beer is much better than sporadic, but scientific confirmation of this.

Live beer is made exclusively from natural ingredients, some of them are used in traditional medicine. In beer do contain many beneficial minerals and vitamins. For example, the human body constantly needs folic acid to meet the daily requirement of this substance, you need to eat about seven pounds of cabbage or drink a little less than a liter of beer.

Beer is not only rich in folievoy acid, it contains a huge amount of b vitamins that contribute to metabolism, ensure the normal functioning of internal organs, promote the development of red blood cells.

Live beer contains iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, digestible silicon and a variety of amino acids. They are necessary for normal functioning of the body.

All of the above positive properties of beer are largely inherent only in bottles or "living" beer because pasteurization and filtration kill beneficial bacteria that make beer "empty" and useless.

The harm and danger

Unfortunately, even beer has a number of harmful properties. Of harmfulness to the human body, any beer can be compared only to that of moonshine, because the process of fermentation, it retains a number of poisonous compounds, which are byproducts of fermentation. We are talking about fusel oils, aldehydes, esters, methanol, and others. Their concentration in beer is many times higher than the permissible, for example, for vodka and other drinks produced on the basis of high quality spirits.

Regular use of beer in the body begins to produce a substance that inhibits the production of the male hormone testosterone, thus begin in large quantities to produce female sex hormones that influence the change in the appearance of men. Have constantly drink beer men have much wider hips and grow Breasts.