When an unplanned pregnancy often happens that a expectant mother, not knowing about the child, conducts an active way of life and still allow yourself to drink alcohol. When a woman finds out that it was in an interesting position, it can seem daunting abruptly, without preparation change the lifestyle and give up bad habits.

But no matter how I wanted to hear some expectant mothers, that a little beer is not harmful, the answer is negative. And do not blame the evil doctors who only think about how to deprive pregnant all the joys of life. Multiple research studies indicate that during pregnancy beer are strictly forbidden.

Pregnancy and beer

Concern about the health of the unborn child and beer – incompatible. Regularly drinking some beer in first and second trimester of pregnancy, the risk of having a baby with different types of deformities. Any reasonable mother should completely give up alcoholic beverages, if you want your unborn child good health.

Beer drinking even in small amounts can cause quite a terrible symptom of intrauterine fetal growth – IUGR. A child with this condition is not developed enough, it lacks of oxygen. Gradually this leads to fetoplacental insufficiency, it reflects poorly on the placenta and on fetal development.

Can I drink a little beer in the early period of pregnancy

If the pregnancy is small, but the expectant mother does not cease to pamper yourself with a beer, even if from time to time, any problem in the development of the child is aggravated. The most severe and advanced cases can be the result of intrauterine fetal death.

Intake of alcoholic drinks in early pregnancy can lead to the fact that in the third trimester the woman will gain the syndrome. This is typical of patients with alcohol dependence with the experience. His famous symptoms – trembling hands, a strong desire to drink, and in the morning, so people need to take a small portion of alcohol in order to feel better.

As for non-alcoholic beer, consumed even more harmful than usual. A large amount of preservatives and additives in its composition is likely to harm not even a pregnant woman.

Not to take any alcohol during pregnancy – here the only correct behavior. Only in this case there is the chance of having a healthy and strong baby.