Are there any safe cigarette?

I just want to mention that the harmless cigarette does not exist. Cigarettes in its strength (the percentage of nicotine) are divided into: strong, light, ultralight, ultra light and menthol. All varieties have the same composition and the same amount of tobacco blends, cigarette differ only in the number of micropores of the filter. The more micropores, so "easy" is considered a cigarette.

However, this measure does not protect the lungs from the tar and carcinogens obtained in Smoking the standard tobacco. The term "light" is more a marketing ploy than believable reflection of the safety of such tobacco product to the body.

This trick has managed the tobacco companies in the 80-ies with the introduction on the market of cigarettes with "low tar" — a variety of "light" and "ultra-light" brands. At the same time, according to long-term statistics from the National cancer Institute of the United States, the number of premature deaths caused by Smoking does not change with the mass transition to such cigarettes.

The fact is that the widely advertised reduction in the level of some toxic components kompensiruet their formation during the combustion of the cigarette as well as harmful combination of the remaining components. In addition, some people when switching to "light" just begin to smoke more cigarettes throughout the day, so that the intake of toxic substances remains the same.

However, the trick with the "harmless" cigarettes in our day continues to evolve. So, Philip Morris has developed the so-called "denicotinized" cigarettes Next. The manufacturer claims that in their manufacture from raw materials extracted alkaloids nicotine and decreases the amount of carcinogenic nitrosamines. However, the processing in the composition of cigarettes remain nitrates — chemical precursors of toxins that were removed. Ignition of such a cigarette starts the pyrolysis reaction, and nitrosamines are synthesized again.

It is worth remembering that tobacco smoke, apart from nicotine, loads the human body so many unsafe products of combustion.

The myth about menthol cigarettes

Russia has long been a myth about the safety of menthol cigarettes. But if they are not harmful, why are they banned in the US and some European countries? According to recent studies scientists, menthol cigarettes are even more dangerous than usual. Their mild taste makes it more attractive to the Smoking process, however, the Airways at this time are subjected to anesthesia, the smoker drags harder than causing great harm to your body.

Most often in menthol cigarettes, menthol is not contained at all, they just soaked tissue paper. Recently, in a filter of some cigarettes also began to add the menthol, but it even worsens the situation. The process of Smoking these cigarettes might seem enjoyable but the interaction of tobacco and menthol resins forms a very harmful carcinogens.

Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette is a device that generates vapor with varying concentrations of nicotine, depending on the dosage of the interchangeable element. A full charge of this "cigarette" corresponds to one or two packs of classic analog. The first electronic cigarette appeared in 2004 in Hong Kong.

World health organization declares his innocence to the present invention, and does not consider the electronic cigarette as an alternative nicotinamidase therapy. Experts who require a ban of e-cigarettes due to the fact that their effects on the body are still poorly understood. In many countries they are illegal to sell.

In summary, we can conclude that a safe cigarette is simply not there. Almost all of them equally cause irreparable harm. Therefore, the best solution for smoker who decided to protect their body from harmful substances, it will be a complete rejection of this addiction.