Harmful for health electronic cigarettes? This question often asked by smokers who refuse the usual tobacco in favor of new electronic devices. Electronic cigarettes help to quit Smoking, do not cause other people's negative reactions, due to the lack of smell. In the process of Smoking are not allocated to the products of combustion, negatively affect the health of the lungs.
Design electronic cigarette very simple device consists of a vaporizer and cartridge with aroma-nicotine liquid. The liquid in the process of Smoking cigarettes into steam. The safety of this pair depends on the quality of the liquid, which is charged with electronic cigarette. The liquid must be of good quality, not contain harmful impurities and toxins. It is therefore recommended to buy cartridges for electronic cigarettes from trusted manufacturers.
The composition of the liquid for electronic cigarettes includes four ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and water. Sometimes the liquid for added flavor. Glycerin and water do not pose any danger to human health, getting into the body. The only dangerous substance in e cigarettes is nicotine, which enters the lungs in a pure form, without tar and toxins. Propylene glycol is considered a harmless food additive, however, many experts argue that the frequent inhalation of it can cause serious respiratory irritation.
Ordinary cigarette, unlike e -, contains up to 4000 harmful substances. In the cigarette contains carcinogens and tar polluting your lungs and increase the risk of developing cancer. Also in the conventional cigarette includes ammonia, benzene, cyanide, carbon monoxide. Electronic cigarette, despite the presence of purified nicotine, much safer for human health and does not affect the condition of the internal organs, the liquid composition does not include toxic and carcinogenic substances. Finally, electronic cigarettes do not leave any bad smell, does not cause a color change of the tooth enamel, do not cause any inconvenience to others.
Despite the fact that the electronic cigarette is virtually harmless, Smoking should be abandoned pregnant women and people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system. It is strongly recommended not Smoking in presence of children and non-smokers.