The principle of operation

This device works on the principle of the inhaler. When tightening the fluid in the cartridge is gradually converted into steam at the expense of a certain signal which is fed to the microchip. At the end of electronic cigarettes in the process of evaporation led is red, thus reproducing the full visual atmosphere of comfort.

The only significant difference of the electronic cigarettes from real on operational grounds is that this device periodically needs to be recharged. It is worth noting that one electronic cigarette is approximately comparable to a pack of regular cigarettes. However, much depends on model and quality ink cartridge.

The harm and benefit

Many believe that e-cigarettes cause more damage than normal. Often, this opinion becomes a reason why people refuse to even try them. However, this is not true. Electronic cigarettes do not contain substances such as hexamine, ammonium, carbon monoxide, cadmium or Bhutan. All of this can be found in ordinary tobacco products. In the e-cigarette contains: propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and water. The first two components are absolutely harmless supplements.

Conventional cigarette is able to allocate more than 4000 harmful substances during burning. In addition, it leaves an unpleasant breath, hair, hands and clothes, contains a number of carcinogens. Substances secreted by tobacco and paper, have a low density and quickly settles. Thus, the increased risk of oncogenic diseases not only the smoker, but also everyone who has contact with him.

The electronic cigarette operates according to the method the liquid is evaporated. It leaves no unpleasant odor, contains no carcinogens and harmful tar. The effect of passive Smoking is minimised.

A well-known fact that in addition to physical dependence Smoking also causes and psychological cravings. Electronic cigarettes help to deal with it. In the aromatic liquid electronic device used purified nicotine to the smoker easily undergo physical cravings from the carcinogens and tar. The danger in this case is nicotine, can be compared with the effects on the body nicotine patches. To help cope with the psychological dependence helps the visual similarity, which worked for a long time designers. Thus, it is seen that less damage to the body does it electronic cigarette.