Is it possible to smoke two cigarettes a day without harm for health?

Those who do not is a heavy smoker, the question often arises about whether the damage to the body during daily Smoking of the minimum number of cigarettes?

If you are among such people, remember that the cigarette which smokes the very first day, is considered more dangerous than the next one. Moreover, specialists consider that the first cigarette of harmful exactly the same as half of the pack. Besides, few people can smoke during the day, only one or two cigarettes. The body begins to readjust to the intake of nicotine after the first puff.
So don't reassure themselves with the fact that one or two cigarettes will not cause any harm.

The impact of cigarettes on the human body

Did you know that Norwegian scientists have conducted studies that found that the risk of death from cardiovascular disease increases five times, with daily Smoking one or two cigarettes? And the risk of death from lung cancer with the same dose of nicotine increased about five times. Moreover, the consequences of small doses of nicotine more destructive to the body of women smokers. Men in this respect much more fortunate, since small doses of nicotine received by the body on a daily basis, destroy their internal organs over a long period of time. This information was published in the journal Tobacco Control special Agency of the National Health Screening Service. It was confirmed by a research, during which over 20 years were examined 51 000 women and men aged 20 to 34х years.

If you smoke one to two cigarettes daily, most likely, the risk of you diseases of the coronary arteries increases almost five times.

The risk of daily Smoking one or two cigarettes lies in the fact that the dosage of nicotine over time is the same level and crept up.

A small number of cigarettes smoked, usually "beer" or other alcoholic drink.
Nicotine in combination with alcohol can cause a terrible blow to all the vital organs.

Ardent opponents of Smoking, the representatives of the medical Association in the UK argue that the effects of Smoking die each year of up to 105 thousand people. And the sad list can get those who smoke one cigarette a day.

Also you should remember that even the most miniscule amounts of nicotine can impact negatively not only on health but on appearance. Nail plate and the teeth will gradually begin to turn yellow, and the skin will deteriorate and hair will also suffer from nicotine. So bear in mind one simple advice. Before you touch that first cigarette, think about what harm you can cause your appearance and health. Do you want to be his enemy?!