You will need
  • - symptomatic medications, are permitted to take during lactation;
  • - chamomile;
  • mother and stepmother;
  • - calendula and other medicinal herbs;
  • - antivirals based on interferon.
Take two times daily symptomatic medications. Be sure to read the instructions for use. Contraindications should not be prescribed lactation. It is also advisable to consult a doctor, because some medications can have contraindications in the form of individual intolerance or Allergy, which can develop not only nursing mothers, but also babies. Symptomatic medications can be used in the form of tablets and in form of aerosols, in the form of syrups is what really forms of drugs used in lactating mother.
Gargle as often as possible. For rinsing perfect infusions of chamomile, calendula, mother and stepmother. Some nursing mothers gargle salt or soda solution. Today in pharmacies can find a lot of special tools for the gargling, which also do not have contraindications, and they can use the nursing mother. The main rule of any rinse – the solution should be warm but not hot – can irritate a sore throat with boiling water can not under any circumstances.
Take antivirals that are made on the basis of human interferon. They not only help to defeat the "plague", but also strengthen the immune system. These drugs have virtually no contraindications and can be used as nursing mothers and their babies.
Drink more warm, but not hot, liquids. Before bed you can drink warm milk with honey, which not only calm the "raging" throat, but also have a beneficial effect on falling asleep.
Be sure to consult your doctor. Often sore throat is not just the symptoms of SARS or respiratory diseases. A sore throat can be a harbinger of sore throats, bronchitis and other serious diseases treated quite difficult and long.