You will need
  • - drug against candidiasis;
  • - the vitamins;
  • - sanitary pads.
For some women thrush is a frequent guest. No, it may not be due to violations of the rules of hygiene. Often such people have a weakened immune system. There are hormonal disruption, resulting in rapid reproduction of Candida albicans. And then the thrush could come back in a very difficult time for treatment is during the critical days. Another cause of yeast infections during menstruation can be permanent use of tampons. If there is a rare replacement pads, too, the probability of disease. The thing is that the gasket forms a favorable breeding ground for the Candida. It is worth noting that frequent change of pads and frequent hygiene can cause the rapid reproduction of harmful fungi.
Start treatment of thrush is in any case impossible. Though this disease is not considered to be dangerous, but it can lead to such diseases as urethritis, cystitis, infertility. Even thrush is an indication for abortion.
If the disease emerged during pregnancy, you should immediately begin treatment. You must clean away all the tampons and scented pads. They can only aggravate the situation. To use permitted only with the standard pads. Need to change them every 4 hours, or earlier.
It is necessary to go to the gynecologist for drug use. It can be any tablets from candidiasis. The most common is "Fluconazole" and "Flucostat". Be aware that during the critical days for the treatment, you cannot use most of the vaginal tablets and suppositories. For almost all monthly suppositories are contraindicated.
The next stage in treatment is the restoration of immunity. This is especially true for those who have this disease manifests itself with a constant frequency. You can take any drugs to improve immunity from classic fish oil to vitamin complexes.
Proper nutrition is the key to quick treatment. Necessarily the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Fiber and protein, and dairy products should also enter in your daily diet.
Maybe thrush was the result of the administration of any antibiotics. If so, then the specialist can cancel their appointment, or substitute a different drug.