You will need
  • -the leaves of eucalyptus;
  • soda;
  • -calendula;
  • -yarrow;
  • -the roots of elecampane;
  • -birch buds;
  • -garlic;
  • -the sage;
  • -juniper.
This is the most unpleasant, and sometimes the only symptoms of yeast infectionincreasing in time of sleep, urination, after sexual intercourse or water treatment. Therefore, the first stage of treatment is the elimination of symptoms. To do this, be sure to change synthetic underwear to natural. And for intimate hygiene, use special tools that will help to maintain an acidic environment in the vagina.
In addition to prescription drugs, use folk remedies to quickly get rid of the tormenting itching. For treatment of external genital organs prepare decoctions of herbs or their mixtures. Very effective decoction of eucalyptus leaves: 2 tbsp. spoon eucalyptus leaves brew in a liter of water, allow to steep and use for cleaning. The same solution you use for douching.
Can be prepared soda solution (tablespoon of baking soda dissolve in a liter of boiled water) and decoction of calendula, and yarrow (a teaspoon in a glass of water). Twice a day spincoating these solutions in turn. After 3 days the burning sensation should pass.
Pour into the pan a tablespoon of crushed roots of elecampane, add a Cup of water and simmer for 15 minutes, strain. Use this decoction for wiping the genitals. According to the same recipe prepare a decoction of burdock roots, but it can be used both inside and externally.
For douching and lubrication of the mucous membranes, use of calendula tincture of birch buds or the buds of poplar.
Very quickly will help to cope with the symptoms a mixture of sage leaves (4 tbsp), juniper (4 tbsp) and yarrow (1 tbsp). Pour a Cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of the mixture of these herbs, steep for 15 minutes and strain. Inside, take 0.5 cups three times a day and spansules twice a day. On the second day will be easier, but the full course of treatment is 10 days.