Sit with the buttocks on the heels or on a chair (if you are at work), hands interlock behind the castle. On the inhale, expand the chest, shoulders pull back, your arms as high up as possible. Hold the pose for 1 minute. Exhale, lower hands down, the back rounded, lower your upper body to the knees and relax completely.
Lie on your stomach, put your hands under the shoulders, lean your toes on the floor. On the inhale lift the upper body off the floor, gradually straightening the arms, pull with the top up. Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds. Exhale fully-get down on the floor. If you are at work and can't exercise this option, then use the modified version of chair or bench. Press your palms into the seat, the toes of the feet position on the floor, chest down to the fingers. On the inhale stretch up the body and do the exercise as in the first embodiment.
Sit cross-legged on the floor, back keep straight, hands on his knees. On the inhale put your left knee right hand, scrutinies in the spine along its axis to the left and look over shoulder. The back is not round, the top pull up, and breathe normally. After 1 minute take the original position and repeat the twist to the right placing the left hand on the other knee. Office option can be performed on a chair. Sit straight, feet on the floor. On the inhale will scrotitis right in the spine, both hands try to position on the back of the chair. Hold this pose for 1 minute. Exhaling, roll and repeat exercise in other party.