First decide: are you talking about staying within Russia or abroad. If the vacation will be held in Russia, variants of a beach holiday not so much. Since the vast majority of Russians live in the Western part of the country, they will have to make a choice between the coasts of the Azov and Black seas. Because the water in the Baltic sea even in the height of summer is quite cool, and comfortable beaches there is very little.

Azov sea is very shallow, so the water is well heated. Moreover, in most parts of the coast in shallow water, with no sudden changes in depths, which is important for people who do not swim or have a rest with small children. And the cost of recreation on the Azov sea is relatively small. By cons is extremely monotonous, sparse vegetation and low level of service.

The black sea coast is very beautiful, there are a lot of attractions. But, alas, the price level is prohibitive against the background of more than modest service. In addition, there are frequent natural disasters (tornadoes, torrential rains causing floods).

If we are talking about foreign vacation, the most budget option, perhaps you can consider Bulgaria. Even during Soviet times, the ultimate dream for many Soviet people was relaxing on the famous Golden Pasco the beaches in the resort area "Golden Sands". You can visit the countries of the Mediterranean region, for example Greece, Croatia, Montenegro. In Croatia and Montenegro entry for Russian citizens during the holiday season visa-free, and breathtakingly beautiful nature, combined with the purest waters of the Adriatic sea will make your stay very pleasant. About Greece and say nothing: beaches for every taste, the abundance of archaeological monuments, the hospitality of the locals, excellent cuisine, will make a vacation a real pleasure. However, in order to enter the country will need to apply for a visa, but it is a relatively simple procedure. The same can be said about Italy or Spain.

In Egypt this time of year is better not to go: too hot! To visit the country in the height of summer only the people with good health. It is necessary to strictly observe safety measures: use protective creams to avoid long exposure to the sun.

But if the campers want to swim, and to see the sights, then it makes sense to visit the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Austria or countries of the Nordic region – Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. There are a lot of monuments of history and architecture, all in addition to the high level of service.