Oaxaca (Mexico)

Autumn holiday-makers there is a reasonable question about where to go on holiday in September, for example. When planning your trip in September, you can stop the choice on Oaxaca, Mexico. If in General about Mexico tourists have heard, what, attractive Oaxaca, few know. So, this city is not designed specifically for tourists and therefore prices will be relatively lower, but at the same time, each camper will be able to find something just for yourself. For example, there is a complex of mineral springs, which is called Boiling water, and not far from Oaxaca can be found a town which the Indians Zapotecs erected about five hundred years BC

For those who love cultural life, need to go to the colonial center of Oaxaca. The impression will enhance the flavors of chocolate and chili taste that you can find in the local markets. In turn, Mexico is the universal resort, because there you can explore Mayan ruins, mountains, volcanoes, various colonial cities and visit the beaches, underwater caves, etc.

In Oxaca you can really relax cheap, local prices are approximately the following: dinner in an inexpensive restaurant will cost around 4.99 euros one night in a three star hotel will cost 30,49 Euro.


Thought where to go on holiday in October, it may be advisable to spend a luxurious vacation in Tunisia. So, spend the night in a three star hotel will cost 41.88 euros to eat in an inexpensive restaurant – 2,62 Euro per person. But how many sites are there to visit! For starters, you can explore the two parts of the city - past and present" Tunisia – the ancient part is in the area of Carthage, just a few blocks you can see the modern part of the city, located on the street of the Ville Nouvelle. In Tunisia you can also see the frescoes, mosaics during the Roman Empire, visiting the Museum of Bordeaux. Also everyone will be able to experience in traditional Tunisia, going to the markets "Souk". You can spend a relaxing day to forget all worries and go by train to the village of Sidi Bou said. Even by the most conservative standards in Tunisia you can relax inexpensive.

Cape Town (South Africa)

For those wishing to go on holiday in November, a great option would be to Cape town, which is located in South Africa. This place can please every great beaches. Surprised the local population: about half of the residents of this town of the age of twenty-five years. This city in the recent past received the title of "World Design Capital", so it is possible to see numerous shops of world famous designers, if you have the desire to buy things – you need to go to the area of Woodstock. Amazing also dwelt beach boulder beach and the penguins!

Prices in this place also a nice surprise: the taxi fare, 1 km will cost 0,73€, to spend the night in hotel 3 stars cost of 35.96 EUR, to dine at the most expensive restaurant will cost about € 5,47 per person.

Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Where to go in December? In early winter you can also spend unforgettable and fabulous vacation, going to Colombo (Sri Lanka). Of course, the first thing to visit in this city, which blended many beliefs, it is the temples. There are more than enough. For example, you can go to the temple Gangaramaya, which is surrounded by the Beira lake. For those who want to experience the indescribable emotions of the local atmosphere is to visit the Old Dutch hospital, which was built in the 17th century.

In General, travel to Sri Lanka is for those who just want to see heaven on earth. One has only to visit in mount Lavinia, which is South of Colombo and visit the local fabulous beaches. In Colombo you can really relax inexpensive, even compared to other budget places, so one night in a 3-star hotel will cost 23,57 Euro meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost 1,53€.