Turkey, Bulgaria and Egypt - ideal country for a first trip

For a first trip it is better to choose the most popular among Russians resorts of the coast of the red sea and the Mediterranean sea and the black sea in Bulgaria. These countries have many advantages for those who first travels abroad. First, the hotels there is a fellow that you can turn to for advice. Secondly, locals living in tourist areas, most speak basic phrases in Russian, and it is always possible to explain what is required. Third, in these countries organized package tours, which already included the transfer from airport to hotel, guide, insurance, etc. It is very convenient for those who decided to go somewhere, and while not versed in a foreign country. Inexperienced international travelers will be greeted, put on a bus, will help to check-in, etc.

To save on the travel voucher, you can purchase a tour on the system of early booking. Then the cost of the stay will be lower by 25-30 per cent.

Which country to choose

Which country to choose, depends on the time of year. From February to late may and from September to early November comfortable and warm the weather is in Egypt. The sea warms up enough and the air temperature - 29-33оС. In winter (from late November to mid-February) even in this African country cool enough, a strong wind blows, the water temperature in the sea falls to 20-23°.

In Turkey, it is better to go in the period from mid-may until the fifteenth to the twentieth of September. It was then that the Mediterranean sea warms up enough for comfortable swimming. In Bulgaria the season from early July to mid-September.

The advantage of the popular resorts in the fact that from Moscow there and practically run all year round scheduled and Charter direct flights. Six to ten hours after leaving home can be near the warm sea.

The level of hotels and services these are popular among Russian tourists countries are almost equal. The only loses to Bulgaria - there are practically no private beaches belonging to hotels. The coast is open to all, plots are leased to entrepreneurs who establish there the sun beds and umbrellas and take the money for their rent. But there are hotels who have the use of beach amenities is already included in the price. All this should be clarified when buying a round.

Another drawback in the choice of Bulgaria as a place for rest - the need to apply for a visa. This increases the price. In addition, in obtaining a visa independently you need to provide some documents - certificate of salary, statement of account, hotel reservation and tickets. For inexperienced travelers it can be too difficult. Therefore, if the choice fell on Bulgaria, a visa is best done through the Agency. Then you will need only a passport and the stamp in the passport, the employee will receive their own.