Quite often you can hear conversations about what a home birth is more comfortable for mom and baby psychologically. No one is arguing that. Of course, at home you will feel calmer and more comfortable. The word "at ease". Besides, there will be a spouse who will support you morally. Yes, and the baby is not breech the walls, and at home. Wonderful picture, isn't it?

Now let's see the reverse side of the coin.

You 9 months had the most expensive for you man, loved it, looking forward to delivery, with a smile a hand to her stomach to feel the first tremors... Now you decided to give birth at home. It's your choice, no force will not send you to the hospital. Just think what would happen if there are any complications in a home birth? What if, God forbid, you or your child need extra help? Do you realize what a responsibility? And than it can end?

Home birth or birth in the hospital – only you can decide. I in any case do not impose their views. I just want you to think long and hard whether to give birth at home.

Now a huge number of hospitals, paid clinics. You can choose the hospital and doctor. Don't want to give birth in a regular hospital? No problem, you can always sign a contract. You will blow off dust particles. You can also take on the birth of your husband, if you feel that you need his help. All goes as you want. In the end you pay money for it. But! You will be in a medical facility, where, in the case of what you will provide timely assistance.

Yes, there are arguments that previously somehow gave birth. No hospitals, no anaesthetization, no doctors. My dear, people living in caves. If you now go there, how would you feel? About what and speech. You should not compare "then" and "now". I don't think you want to experiment with your life and the life of the baby.

Don't listen to friends who tell stories about successful home birth. These are isolated cases. Or do you want to check? Not read reviews about home birth on the Internet. Not everything that is written is true. I assure you, half of these stories written by ordinary copywriters that might happen-that did not happen in the hospital at all. And you will listen to their opinion.

To give birth at home or in the hospital – only you can decide. And no need to pass on to someone else that responsibility. This should be your informed choice.

I want you to remember only one thing – your child's life, especially in your hands! And it depends on you, what she will do next. Do not experiment too high price of such experiments.

Even if the pregnancy goes well and there is no guarantee that the delivery will be without complications. Make the right choice!