The most popular way to know your future is a visit to the fortune teller. But, as with other prediction methods, this you an exact answer, alas, do not give it can only to a small extent affect your destiny. The fortune teller just gives your vision your estimated future and will not be able to consider all opportunities for the development of a future reality.
Another way to look into the future is drawing up a personal horoscope. Just for this you would be better to consult a professional astrologer, who after receiving all of your data will be able to draw your birth chart and explain the values in order. A correctly drawn horoscope is true by 80-90%. The forecast made by the stars, will tell you exactly what will happen with you in the future, what problems or illness may hinder you in the near future and what is most to fear. And astrology will show you the exact year of the marriage or of marriage, gender of your children, and of their number. Astrology cannot exclude the possible turns of events, but will help you to avoid committing fatal mistakes.
Palmistry is one of the oldest ways of predicting the future. It exists already for several thousand years. It is suitable for those who want to know their future on the arm. Professionals who call themselves palmists can learn all about you on the lines, signs, location and density of hills in the palm. But don't 100% believe these people, because at the present time there are a lot of speculators wanting to get rich on this.
One of the popular ways of predicting the future, thanks to the entertainment industry, is the help of psychics. They can tell everything about you just by looking at your photo or just looking you in the eye. Just consider that before going to such people, it is worth considering whether you want to know exactly their purpose, because not everyone can live to a hundred years of love and happiness.
Widely known since ancient times that hypnosis has an effect on human consciousness. But few know that it can be used to find out his past incarnations, recall the well-forgotten facts, to get rid of bad habits, and turn his entire life for the better through positive attitudes. Many mental health centers provide services hypnotherapy, through which you certainly will not know their future, but will be able to improve their present.