You will need
  • - regular cards or Tarot;
  • - crystal (glass) ball;
  • coffee;
  • paper;
  • - matches;
  • - a metal tray;
  • - book copy (any).
Use for divination, the deck of cards, regular or Tarot. There are many methods of divination on fate, but the easiest is to ask questions and draw from a deck one card. It will be the answer. But the interpretation is easy to look at any guide for aspiring fortune-tellers, or even their imagination, to invent yourself.
Arrange a session of fortune-telling crystal ball. Because to find the real crystal ball is problematic and expensive – use of glass. In principle, suitable even for a glass of water. Light a candle, focus on your question and begin to look at the ball or the water, trying to see the features of his future in the game of light and shadow.
Tell fortunes on a coffee thick. Make some strong coffee without sugar, pour in a small Cup and enjoy a drink. Then cover the Cup with the remaining in her midst a silver platter and turn it over so that the thick glass in a saucer. Now he takes over the interpretation of the symbols on the walls of the Cup, because they embody predictions about your future.
Try to look into the future through the book. For example, a volume of poems. Remove it from the shelf, focus on your question and then randomly open the page and read the first line. This will be a prediction and the answer to your question.
Tell fortunes on the shade. Crumple a sheet of paper, put it on a metal tray and ignite. Gently put the tray to the wall, and behind it place a candle so that the ashes from the burnt paper cast a shadow on the wall. The configuration of the shadow judge of your future.
Ask about your future. Lying down to sleep, ask your subconscious a question that's troubling you and how to find way out of difficult situations. It is possible that in the dream you will get the answer. If the answer is no or you just don't remember the dream, then retry your request again the next night.