About the dangers of rapid weight loss

Nutritionists do not tire of repeating that sudden weight loss is harmful to health. And besides, as a rule, in the future all the results and Herculean efforts are reduced to zero. Best weight loss – smooth, calm, without anguish and self-torture that reduces your weight by 5 kg in a month. Then the results will stay with you for a long time, and you will not feel hungry Martyr.

However, no matter how many women are not told about the dangers of rapid weight loss, many still undertake the solution of problems at the last minute and want "ordinary miracle" in the form of a slim figure (say -10 kg) in one week or ten days. But a week 10 pounds to lose is unrealistic. But 2 weeks to lose 5-6 pounds is quite doable. But the consequences in the form of stress, starvation, and exhaustion, you will be provided.

Rapid weight loss usually comes at the expense of losing more body moisture than fat. Besides, with only one diet for the shortest possible time you will not be able to get rid of 5-6 pounds. For this you will need additional load and procedures – sauna, steam room, gym, drainage massage, cedar barrel, etc.

Diet for quick weight loss

In order to lose weight promptly, you need to use one of the Express or mono-diets. 10 days on a single low-calorie the product will help you get rid of 4-6 kg To the diet include cucumber, banana, Apple, berry, dairy, kefir, buckwheat, oat and rice diet. Monotonous menu will cause severe harm to the body in one and a half weeks, but to stick to this diet longer due to deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and balance.

There are more balanced diet low in calories, in which there are different types of products. Here the main principle of balanced nutrition (ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates - 1:1:4) and strict calorie counting. Ie, your daily diet should not exceed 1000, and best of, 700-800 cal. Then, on the verge of a hungry fainting and exhaustion, after two weeks you will be able to reach the cherished number on the scales.

But even the observance of all rules to a strict diet in many cases can okazatsya insufficient. Then you need to limit calories, add exercise and treatments. If a strict diet you have enough energy to visit the gym, go for it. It is established that the body loses calories not only during intensive exertion, but a few hours after them.

Very good help weight loss are anti-cellulite wraps, wraps for slimming, massage with a draining effect to release excess fluid from the body, the procedure "cedar barrel" and a regular Russian steam bath or sauna. The latter is particularly good "dry" body.