Appetizers are the first course served at the tables. There is a wide variety of possible snacks. But they are all aimed at one result - to bring your appetite. Snacks can be divided into hot and cold. Further, they have divided according to broad classification. For each kind of snacks have their own special rules for filing.

Cold appetizers

Cold snacks are served before hot in a strict sequence types. Serving temperature 10-14 ° C. Cold snacks are served in odnoportsionnuyu and mnogoportsionnyh the dishes, pick up in size. The main condition is that the dishes didn't cover the edges of the plates. As dishes prefer to use crockery and crystal caviar.

Even before serving cold food tables to be served Diners plates and sets. If one of the cold appetizers are cancers, make sure there is special Cutlery.

In the first place served fish gastronomy. Does that include caviar, sardines, sprats and pickled white and red fish. Caviar of sturgeon and salmon served in a crystal socket. Under it should be vase caviar with ice. Must have plates next to the wipes, which put the portion of spoon handle to the right. Pressed caviar cut into portions and served on a fish tray. Spread pressed caviar fish usually in the form of a rhombus. Put additional socket in which is either oil or onions. Left from spawn, put a front plate of toast. Salted fish is served on oval dishes, or fish trays. The fish should be cut into thin pieces and served it without the dressing. When submitting the obligatory presence of a lunchroom or dining room of a fork. Smoked fish is served on a porcelain oval platter with garnish. Sprat sprat are laid out on a tray and served with lemon and greens. Herring served with garnish (boiled potatoes) garnished with parsley. Also optionally sets the plug for the oil. Of the sets required a butter knife, fork herring and spoons for potatoes. Also chopped herring can be put in the form of whole fish with head and tail. Boiled fish is served with vegetable garnish. Fish cut into pieces, cooled, and then laid out on a platter. As a decoration added to greens and lettuce. In addition to the dish, put Sosnica. Crayfish, crabs, lobsters and crayfish are served whole in a porcelain vase or bowl. Put a saucer of mayonnaise. Each guest must be special devices, and on the left the chalice with water for hand washing.

Following in the feed list of cold appetizers - vegetables. Natural are served in bowls and vases along with food ice. Pickled vegetables and mushrooms are served without ice in bowls and vases. Salads and vinaigrettes served often tucked in the bowls. Sometimes salads are made in the form of cocktails are served in portions and in nezapravlenny in special glasses. Stuffed vegetables are served on bowls or dishes. For each serving you need to add the dessert spoon.

Cold cuts are served on oval dishes. Meats, roast beef, jellied meat, stuffed rolls and poultry can be served as a garnish, and without it. Rolls should be covered with a paper towel. To the left of each dish put sauce on pirozhkovoj plates and a dessert spoon handle to the right.

Cheese is served sliced and laid out on Pirozhkova plate or saucer. Additionally, put a knife to cut. Cheese can be served on a porcelain dish and in a wicker trays or on boards.

Canapés laid out on an oval or round dish. Must be stuck studs or blades. Additionally, there should be a round up of studs, covered with a napkin. Puff pastry and tarts laid out on a round dish covered with a napkin. Must be fork and spoon, or spatula.

Hot appetizers

Hot appetizers are served after the cold. Serving temperature should be 75-90C. Plates for the hot appetizers pre-warmed to 40-50oC. If cold appetizers often served on mnogoportsionnyh dishes, hot appetizers should be served in odnoportsionnuyu dish.

Pancakes are served separately. That is, the pancakes separate the filling separately. Pancakes are served on the a La carte pans, filling or served in a caviar dish or saucers, or in the sockets.

Baked fish and julienne served in a cocotte, which was baked. Ramekins are located on the front plates with a cut-out napkin. Additionally, put the cloth to the handle and dessert spoon for Julien.

The meatballs are served on the a La carte pans, or on mnogoportsionnyh dishes. Additionally put a tablespoon and a fork.