You will need
  • cloth;
  • - swipe;
  • - decorative skewers, skewer or toothpick;
  • snack bars and/or pie shops - plates;
  • snack bars and/or dessert forks;
  • - fruit and/or dessert knives;
  • Cutlery for shifting the treats;
  • - openers for bottles;
  • - glasses and glasses for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages;
  • - glasses for alcoholic drinks;
  • - multi-tiered vases;
  • - meals for snacks;
  • - dishes under hot;
  • - bowls;
  • - cups and saucers for coffee and tea;
  • - tea and coffee spoons.
The buffet comes from the French word "fork", i.e. all meals with such a table, you can take a fork and they should not be cut with a knife. Cold appetizers, main course, cheese, bread, and desserts are served on the table, cut into small pieces which are entirely possible to put in your mouth. There are also special options, a La carte appetizers: canapés, tarts, tartlets with various fillings.
Because buffet reception provides free movement and communication of guests - consider how to properly organize the space. There are several variants of arrangement of tables:
1.A long and spacious table set in the middle of the room – if your event does not involve dancing or special programs that require a separate space. Generally, this table is built from several small tables and served by one or more tablecloths.
2.The same table is along the wall – if you are throwing an event where your guests will dance or will become participants of the presentation.
3.Install a few small (preferably round) table - if your reception requires special refinement and you have a lot of space. The tables are spread out so that your guests feel comfortable to move between them without interfering with each other.
Cookware should be placed as follows:
- the plates are stacked, place evenly at the ends of the table or along the edges of the table in equal distance;
- the forks are beautifully spread out on decorative plates or trays and place the ends of the table. In case the plates along the table, forks are placed directly on the table beside a stack of plates and their number is equal to the number of plates in the stack;
- swipe in a special place holders along the table in equal distance;
- wine glasses, goblets and wine glasses, place rows at the ends of the table or along the table in equal distance.If several tables, the main part of dishes and Cutlery, place evenly on all the tables, and reserve on a separate table.
Left to correctly place the dishes with treats.
When the location of the table in the middle of the room provided by the bilateral placement of dishes. Large dishes and stacked vase set in the center of the table, on both sides - dishes in bowls, and closer to the edges of the dishes in small plates.
If the table is installed along the wall, large dishes and stacked vase, set at the far edge of the table, center - dishes in the bowls and near edge dishes in small plates. In each dish place the Cutlery for shifting the treats. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks spread along the table in equal distance, next put openers for bottles. Sauces put next to the relevant dishes. Don't forget salt and pepper. For tea, coffee and desserts highlight a particular area on the table. If several tables, each form of food set on a separate table.