You will need
  • - seledochnitsy,
  • - herring,
  • - greens,
  • - berries,
  • - onions and green
  • - the knife.
For starters, you need to choose the herring. Fish must be fresh, bold, flavorful. Freshness is determined by the eyes of the fish - they should not be muddy, and the smell - it should not be rotten. Then you need to clean the herring: remove fins, head, bones. Fish head can not be thrown away - sometimes it can be used as decoration. But the gills need to be removed.
For a traditional feed of herring need to cut it in small pieces, put into seledochnitsy with onion rings, pour vegetable oil (preferably unrefined). You can also add mushrooms, potatoes, pickled vegetables, chopped into slices lemon and herbs. You will get a simple, but very beautiful and tasty dish.
For serving fish with the head you must do all of the same steps described in the previous case, adding a head that can be decorated with a sprig of greenery.
To prepare the canapes take herring, rye bread, stuffing, onion or cucumber, greens. The filling for canapés cook of butter or mayonnaise mixed with finely porublennoy herbs and spices. Slice the bread into thin pieces 4 by 4 inches, and spread with filling, put a ring of onion or pickled cucumber, a small piece of herring and decorate with greenery. This dish, like any other of herrings, gives scope for imagination and choice of ingredients.
And to submit the herring in the form of rolls, just put cleaned meat herring any filling. It can be vegetables (both pickled and fresh), stuffed with melted cheese with herbs, onions, spices. Just remember: herring - it's such a snack which is hard to mess up, so you can experiment.