You will need
  • Bowl of melon:
  • - small fruits, berries;
  • - melon.
  • "Ladybug" tomato
  • - tomato;
  • - lettuce;
  • - cheese pate;
  • - olive.
  • Fish slicing:
  • - olives;
  • - parsley;
  • - lemon;
  • fish.
  • Cold cuts
  • - greens;
  • - cherry tomatoes;
  • - deli meats;
  • carrots
How to make beautiful cuts of fruits
Planning to become a master of fruit carving, it is better to get a special set for carving (carving is the art of decorating). Although, if you wish, you can do one thin sharp knife.
Try to cut the bowl of melon. The melon should have a round shape and pre-cleaned from the skin (the skin can be cut out decoration in the form of leaflets). Inside this makeshift salad bowls you can put the strawberries (scents of strawberry and melon combine perfectly), halves of peaches, apricots, grapes.
The easiest way to expand the beautiful sliced fruit on a flat plate. To give even more spectacular is to make the "tulips" of Apple, mint and powdered sugar.
How to chop vegetables
Vegetable slicing – delicious and healthy meals in the world. You can just cut on a flat dish rings of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, shifting them with sprigs of greenery. And you can dream up. For example, try to make cuts of tomatoes in the form of ladybugs.
Remove serdtsevinka tomato, pre-cut into two halves. Put on a plate the lettuce on it – stuffed with cheese or pate "ladybug". Antennae, spots on the back can be made from chopped black olives.
How beautifully cut sausages, smoked meats, deli meats
Cold cuts can also be very original and appetizing. The easiest way to do it, just put it on a plate with thin slices of sausages of several varieties and garnish the dish with sprigs of greenery, flowers carved from carrots, black olives and cherry tomatoes. But with such a plastic product, such as meat delicacies, you can also "play", depicting lilies on a platter of ham, rose of thin plastic ham and the sweet butterfly wings of the cooked sausage.
How beautiful to slice the fish
Fish cutting is a frequent guest at the holiday table. Try gently lay thin slices of salmon, Steelhead and other fish on this oval fish dish, and decorate with the black olives, parsley sprigs and "rosettes" of thinly sliced rings of lemon.