Meeting guests

The restaurant, like the theater begins with a hanger" that is on the closet. In good schools the door of the hotel opened by the doorman. After that, visitors walk into the lobby, where you give the attendant outerwear. In front of mirrors for guests to bring their hairstyles and outfits, followed by in the hall. In any case, we cannot allow guests stood in the hall and waited for him to someone suitable. The administrator must always be on guard, to greet new visitors and to recommend them to a table.

After the guests settled at the table, it comes the waiter. He welcomes visitors, calls his name and takes the menu. First menu is served to the woman. In that case, if we are talking about large companies by reservation, the menu is served to the customer celebration. Ordering from big companies and very significant guests can take administrator.

Taking guests, the waiter has to stand calmly, putting his hands in his pockets, not interfering in the conversation and not talking with other employees of the hall. The duty of a waiter is to provide complete information about food and beverages (in the absence of a sommelier). If you are not ready to order, the waiter could depart on time and arrive to the table in a few minutes.


The technique of serving is governed by the General rules of etiquette and job descriptions of waiter. All meals are served on a tray. To prevent slipping of glassware tray covered with a napkin. Waiter holding a tray at shoulder level on his left hand. If you are moving a few dishes, tray, lightly hold the fingers of the right hand.

Meals are served in the following order: cold appetizers, hot appetizers, soups, hot second courses, dessert and sweet dishes. During the entire period of service the waiter should monitor the cleanliness of the table, napkins, bread, spices and other items serving. If on the table there are crumbs, they need to sweep table with a special brush to clean the scoop.

The end of the service. Calculation

Along with dessert hot beverages: tea and coffee. After that, the waiter asks the guests if they wanted to order anything else. If you don't want anything, the waiter must submit the expense. The account is served in a special folder or on Pirozhkova plate face down. After receiving the money, the waiter is obliged to bring change on the same plate or in the same folder. After calculation, the waiter helps the guests to leave the table.