Original and analog toners

Today, the market of consumables for printers are not the greatest variety. The main thing is to decide which toner to choose: original or analog. Original toner provided by the manufacturing companies or cooperating companies. Choosing it, of course, you pay extra for the brand. Analog same toners are often universal, they are suitable for many models of cartridges and printers, and additionally encouraging lower price.

The best choice for a single filling home printer original toner individually wrapped and labelled, just exactly coincides with the model of your printer. Yes, most likely, it will cost you a bit more expensive than analog, but the difference is not so large in this particular case, because each refilling involves a print-out from 1,000 to 1,500 pages of printed text. Probably you will not have to buy toner again.

If you plan to provide services in refilling the cartridges, you makes sense to pay attention to analog toners. Today, in many countries there are companies involved in packaging and supply of consumables for refilling the toner cartridges, so you can try to stay at the firm-manufacturer from your country: you're gonna win on price, because the cost of shipping is relatively small.

However, there is a risk of a defective product, as, for example, suppliers from the United States have long proven themselves in the market by providing good universal toner for most printers and other brands such confidence yet. Although in recent years quite competitive were the representatives of Russian companies.

Recommendations for beginners

In the first stage will have to experiment with different manufacturers, as, for example, a generic "Hi-black" is suitable for all cartridges "HP" except "HP - 436," but Samsung is best to choose toners "Profiline".

Therefore, the main recommendations are as follows:

- choose universal toner recommended by the manufacturer, as an analogue for a certain brand of printer (this information is usually indicated on the package);

- help at the initial stage, small packing (generally, the packaging varies from a single volume of 100-150 grams to desyatiballnoy bags);

- try different brands offered by manufacturers: refillable cartridges for refills do not spoil and you'll get invaluable experience;

- if you are afraid to make a mistake, it makes sense to use the acknowledged leader in this niche - the toner AQC", package, USA. Of course, its price is slightly higher than other counterparts, but raises no objections - it is really universal.