You will need
  • Ink cartridge refills, cartridge.
Let's start with refilling cartridges of HP Corporation. Ink cartridges of this company are characterized by their resistance in contact with their clothing or an important document to wash them would be difficult. Accordingly, it is necessary to prepare in advance for the consequences of negligent handling of these inks. HP cartridges are filled is quite simple: under the label on top of the cartridge has holes in it. In these holes pour the paint at an angle of 45 degrees, the needle of the syringe loaded on ? length. After refilling the cartridge for holes is attached any label, cheapest option is to buy stickers for price tags.
Refills cartridges company EPSON, in addition to the above supplies, you will need a programmer. The cartridge is integrated in a small chip, which tracks the cost of paint. If the paint is over, and you have filled it again, the system verification cartridge will give you a warning about small amount of paint. Overall, these refill cartridges must pass in the same way as HP cartridges. Before beginning the procedure of filling ink, you must reset the chip using the programmer. After completion of filling, use the programmer again.
When filling the cartridges by CANON process technology does not change. HP, Epson and Canon convenient in this plan is refilling these cartridges is easy. The only drawback of Epson cartridges is the presence of the chip and a small amount of capacity. Buying a new set for ink-jet cartridge comes in 2 times more expensive than the gas station bought ink. Before you insert any refilled cartridge into the printer, wipe the nozzle of the printer with a cloth. A well-filled cartridge leaves the cloth smooth and clear strip your color.