You will need
  • Toner, goggles, mask, funnel, drill, tape
To start, purchase a toner that is suitable for your model laser printer. Refill the printer in a well ventilated area, goggles and a respirator.
Then pull out the printer cartridge and divide it into two parts. Pull out one half of the cartridge tube, which opens hole for toner, and start to fall asleep there a toner using a funnel. In some models of laser printers, the plug can not get it, as for filling toner fit the hole.
Without disassembling the cartridge into two halves, it can be refilled using a drill. Drill a small hole in the side wall of the cartridge and refill it, then seal tightly with tape.
To increase the life of the cartridge, do not forget to clean the hopper with waste toner before refilling. To do this, gently unplug the cartridge from the photosensitive drum without touching its surface with your hands and not allowing him to be in bright light. After that, clean the drum with dried old toner. Then remove the cartridge rubber shaft — it has to be cleaned of dust and waste toner. After you disconnect the shaft from the cartridge metal scraper and clean opened the bunker for a waste toner with a brush and cleaner.
Don't forget to consistently and correctly assemble the cartridge back to the printer again earned.