You will need
  • - the new toner of the respective brand
  • - brush
  • - household gloves
First, make sure that the cartridge does require a new filling. If you see that the paper went white band take the cartridge and shake strongly several times.
Print the page – if printing is normal, then a new dressing is not needed. If the strip remained – indeed, it is time to refill the cartridge.
Pull out the cartridge from the printer. Most of the models of ink cartridges consists of two halves. These halves can be connected by clips or snaps.
Gently open these halves and calmly empty the old toner.
Take the brush and clean the remnants of dried extract powder. To do this, you not only need to clean the outside of the cartridge, but also to remove the photosensitive drum, it can be pink or blue.
Take the new toner and pour it into the cartridge. Mark tonerand must match the brand of your printer.
So you've removed the old toner, cleaned the cartridge and refill it with new powder. Reassemble the cartridge and put it in the printer. All, the printer is ready to use.