Try to find the cause of headaches. In your condition requires a lot of vitamins and useful the whole set of minerals, if you don't get sufficient, your body redirects a large part of the resources for the proper development of the fetus, so you can develop signs of hypovitaminosis. This condition is characterized by headaches, dizziness and General malaise. In this case, after consultation with the doctor, take a course of multivitamins, for example, "eleven", which is specially designed for pregnant and lactating mothers, or "Komplevit", and its members are uniquely balanced all the useful components
If the headaches you associate with emotional upheavals, so you are nervous at work, disagreements with husband or bad sleep at night, then the valid use of sedatives. Of course, during pregnancy you can use the drugs only plant-based, that is of herbs. The easiest and most known representative of this group – extract of Valerian, if it is not sending the necessary effect and the headache persists, then use the tablets "Persen" or "Novo-passit". Remember that only allowed dose of medications is not harmful to the baby, as best you can drink 3-4 tablets sedative medication per day. Consider the fact that beneficial effects on your nervous system in pregnancy is influenced by a walk in the Park, being in nature, visiting cultural attractions (theatres, museums, exhibitions) and the conversation with the psychologist. Prepromote first, these are harmless ways, and only then, if you are not able to find peace, and headache will not work, resort to the pills.
Headache can be caused by a spasm of blood vessels in the brain. In this case, you will feel continuous pain of an indefinite character, may appear nausea and "flies" before the eyes. With such a pain of funds to help with antispasmodic effect that are permitted to be taken by pregnant. The safest representatives of these tablets – "Papaverine" or "Drotaverine", his own analogue, "But-shpa". These drugs, for two hours, will affect your body and blood vessels expand. This pharmacological group medicines safe for pregnant women, these pills will help to relieve the hypertonicity of the uterus and improve placental circulation. Before using any drugs you must consult with your doctor. If you have high blood pressure and a headache, only the doctor will prescribe additional examinations and will choose a balanced treatment that will not affect fetal development.
In a state of pregnancy, forget about the usual pain relief tablets from the group of non-narcotic analgesics, the most famous of them is analgin and aspirin. These medications affect the cardiovascular system and penetrate through the placental barrier. Even once the use of such drugs may negatively affect your baby's health.