When you visit your doctor you'll do x-rays to see the condition of the root of the tooth, its location, length and shape of the root. From this information the doctor will determine the difficulty of the upcoming procedure.
Today extraction of teeth is performed only in extreme cases. Modern advances in dentistry make it possible not only to treat teeth affected by decay and restore damaged teeth almost from the root.
If the tooth cannot be repaired, then it is removed. Before the operation you will make the shot. To do this, use a very thin needle. But some patients are afraid of even the most needle entry. Therefore, the injection needle grease monkeypainwausa ointment and you will not feel the needle enters the gum.
If the usual procedure, after anesthesia, the tooth loosen instrument called a periosteal Elevator and then removed with a dental forceps. When complex shape of the tooth is usually used in the dissection. Don't be afraid of this word. You will not feel any pain. The tooth is cut into individual pieces, and each piece removed separately.
If during surgery they had to cut the gum, the doctor would impose it on the seam. All this time you will be sitting with his mouth wide open. This is the only discomfort you will feel. Apply today, funds anesthesia thousands of times stronger than novocaine. They allow you to completely "freeze" the mucosa, the gums and the surrounding nerves. So no touching tools, you will not feel.
Usually to relieve stress of the patient, the doctor tells him the whole process. Explains what and why he performs. But in those cases, if the operation is lengthy. If no difficulty, then you may even be surprised at how quickly everything was completed.
At the end of the operation is inserted into the hole with a cotton swab to stop bleeding. Doctor gives advice and how to rinse the mouth. Explain what to take in case of pain after the anesthesia wears off.
Although this procedure is painless, but your worries and tension can cause headaches. So after a visit to the dentist it is better to lie in a relaxed atmosphere to recover.