Advice 1: What form of martial arts suitable for girls

Martial arts attract women is the fact that help not only to master the skills of self-defense, but also to develop the grace and plasticity of movements. A huge number of women choose martial arts as a product, helping to keep your body, and even as a profession. It is only important to determine what kind of martial arts is better suited to the delicate and elegant girl.
What form of martial arts suitable for girls
Tai Chi Chuan. Movement of this martial art will remind the dance movements and require good coordination. Patience and accuracy will help in better comprehension of this art, as they are able to change not only the body but also the mind. Tai Chi combines sport and dance, so just can not fail to please.
And-box. This kind of martial arts as A-box is a mixture of Thai Boxing with fitness and aerobics will not only help to develop coordination and accuracy in the movements, but also strengthens the body in General, will help make it tough, what will minimize the risk of influence on the girl any stressful situation.
Capoeira. This martial art combines self-defense techniques and attacks, but based on the dance. This fight will certainly have to taste the fairer sex, such as "war dance" an impressive mastery of gestures and the possibility stunningly beautiful and, at the same time, rapid movement in space.
Judo. It is this kind of martial arts sufficient interest to girls and women, as it helps to develop the reaction, flexibility movements, and will also help to raise your confidence in certain situations is very important.
Taekwondo combines aerobics, acrobatics and shaping at the same time. It is important to know that girls are dealing with this form of martial arts that have little to no problem in gynaecology, as all exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles and help to improve blood circulation in the pelvic region.
Aikido. This type of martial arts is relatively young, as there was only a little more than half a century ago, but has already managed to fall in love with a sufficiently large number of girls. This doctrine carries with it the knowledge of how the weak can defeat a stronger opponent. In other words, girls will be able to some extent to change their minds and realize that the weakness can always be turned into a strength.

Advice 2 : Martial arts for girls

Any woman want to be gentle and defenseless, but the pace of modern life rarely manages to feel like a real woman. In pursuit of the ability to fight back the attacker from the night bar or the maniac woman decides to enroll in classes in Aikido, martial arts or other self-defense courses. And is it worth doing it? How martial arts can impact on the figure?
Martial arts for girls

The first and undeniable advantage is strength and tone. Regular practice of various martial arts are a great opportunity to tighten that hanging off your body and pump up something that is just going to SAG. You can start practicing with branded and effective techniques or with the standard warm-up exercises, for example, with squats and push-UPS. To the same and further exercises together with a good partner is an excellent load that will allow you to keep all the muscles in excellent tone.


 The second main advantage is flexibility. This quality successfully developing due to the exercises that are included in the list of every martial art of the present. Without flexibility because power grabs and controls are not only ineffective but also dangerous. The third huge advantage is confidence. In that case, if you a couple of times a week throw over your hip strong men, the spacing of the head or rudeness in the bus you will perceive a lot easier. Most likely, warm the feeling that you might just break or twist a hand, which is blatantly grabbed you by the shoulder or slapped on the "soft spot".

Frequently asked question and often the decisive fact why girls don't want to go to do martial arts is "I'm like a man, nakachatsya muscle and not in the right places". Can safely assure you! To muscle has grown and you have become like a man, you must be a man! In the martial arts develop all muscle groups is not swimming, where the main load is placed on arms. The load is distributed evenly and in many areas do not lose muscle, and bringing them into a state of tonus.

Another not unimportant factor is the psychological component of all martial arts. Raising "morale". Sounds produse, but wspomina yesterday or the past week, how many people managed to offend, insult or throw you a psychological challenge? If the answer they got antics, shyness, awkwardness on your part, then you need a fighting spirit to face any life obstacles!

And the last important advantage is a great chance to arrange personal life. Men who are addicted to self-defense much more than the fairer sex. Well, according to witnesses, submission holds and sparring are considered a good way to look at each other.

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