Define for yourself the purpose for which you want to start learning a particular martial art, and at what level you want to master it.
There are many videos that reveal to you all the basic principles of martial arts. Get for yourself the ones that you believe will suit you. This is not superfluous to consult with experienced people: coaches, instructors, and so on. Talk to them on the subject.
Build your training schedule. Keep in mind that training should take place at least three times a week, maybe more. Our training will include exercises for General physical training. For you to be able to make the schedule correctly, the best option would be, if you ask for recommendations, the same trainers of martial art, or view of different training schedules online.
Built strictly follow your schedule as if you visit the section on martial arts, and for absence from training without reasonable excuse you will be excluded from the group. It is important to learn to be strong in self-organization and to constantly discipline yourself if you want to achieve really good results.
Progress through the training program with the speed at which you will thoroughly learn a particular lesson or technique. Can learn simultaneously two and three fighting of reception or impact. Encourage you to feel your movements, your body, and not just mechanically repeating the steps shown in the video or described in the tutorial. And watch the breath while practicing strikes.