The first step to mastering this art will be your good physical form. Healthy body, healthy spirit, and non-contact fight is based on establishing a psychological and energy contact with the enemy. So first take the treatment of diseases, including chronic, start eating right. In the daily diet should include nuts, various bee products.
Learn how to concentrate. As an exercise, suitable meditation, as well as the so-called standing post. Stand in the middle of the room, feet shoulder width apart. Bend your arms at the elbows, turn palms towards each other, slide your fingers apart. Knees should be slightly bent and body relaxed. To start wait in this position for ten minutes, trying to concentrate on your breathing and not think about other things. After you managed to do it, increase the time of standing is up to twenty minutes. Ideally your workout should last an hour and a half.
Eastern and Western techniques of non-contact fight are different in nature. Western based on hypnosis and some psychic techniques. According to the theory, due to the concentration of physical and mental energy fighter creates a curvature in space and torsion fields, through which hurting the enemy. If you decide to go the Western route, you will study the methods of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.
Eastern non-contact fight is based on the theory that the human body circulates energy in various forms. Knowing its laws, the enemy can strike. Take up the study of reflexology, it will help you to understand at what point and in what places need to beat.
Separately should be said about the impact on the enemy's voice. Famous cases like the war cry turned to panic enemies, and from the piercing cries of women who met a bear in the woods, the latter fell down dead. The sound of a certain frequency can affect the human body, and if you do experiments in this field, you will succeed.