Read books of religious and philosophical orientation. Study the different religious currents, especially the Indian Vedas: Atharvaveda, Yajurveda, etc. from them you learn more about the nature of karma and other terms and phenomena.
To improve the karma special focus spiritual practice – Karma yoga. Don't look for a mentor for her among the instructors of the fitness center – they borrowed only the outside of the teachings of yoga and turned it into an ordinary stretching exercises, and endurance. The teacher should be experienced, highly spiritual man who passed a long way of samosovershenstvovaniya.
Change your diet. Give up meat, fish and seafood, eliminate mushrooms, bread, and fermentation products. Plant foods and dairy products produced without causing harm to living beings, and thus will not bring harm to someone who eats them. Alcohol is medicine, so consume it only in microdozes certain recipes.
Amiraute their emotions. Do not allow your consciousness of strong excitement, both positive and negative. Disrupting the internal balance, they force you to take wrong decisions and do things that affect your karma negatively.