To clean karma, you can start with the simple things. For example, to move from given up eating meat to vegetarianism. This is done in order not to take the sin of killing animals and don't encourage others to commit this crime. If you consume meat, you give rise to the demand. And where there is demand, there is a natural way creates supply.
To remove negative karmic burden, it is important to find in life my other half. If the partner is chosen incorrectly, it can add to your negative karma, and the next generation will be under even greater evil. The right partner can influence on your karma. Or is the predefined half, with which you solve all karmic problems, or a partner with a positive karma, which can improve the spiritual heritage of ancestors, to reduce or completely remove the negative.
The following method of purification of karma is its exercises. Running karmic debts, you get rid of this burden and clear the karma of the next generations. For example, the woman sent the child with a serious illness. Taking care of him, it fulfills the karmic punishment of the ancestors. Testing of harmful addictions – to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. – also clears the karma.
To untangle any karmic knots will help life full of bright thoughts and actions. You should try to become the best person possible. Not to commit crimes, to keep clean the mind and actions. We are talking about keeping the ten commandments.
For getting rid of karmic burdens, it is important to understand what you need to get rid of. Pay attention to a situation or illness, recurring in your family from generation to generation. There is a formula: "in order to get rid of something, you have to get it". In this case, to work.
Another method of purification of karma are karmic healers. Be careful, resorting to their services. Better in this case is to use recommendations of your friends or acquaintances. Otherwise, you can get rid of the desired material values instead of the load of karmic challenges.