Do at home the main set of exercises to improve the elasticity of the breast and correction of her form.
"Yogi" is performed in the sitting or standing against the wall (it is important that the back was locked, so she took some of the load). Raising his hands at chest level, put his palms together and push them against each other until you feel the work the pectoral muscles. Repeat a few times.
Exercise "doorway" is performed from a standing position in the doorway, with a focus hands on the jambs. Bend down until until you feel muscle tension. You can perform this exercise and just standing against the wall, but without bending the back to work than the loin and the chest muscles.
The title of this activity "Skier" speaks for itself: starting position – standing on bent legs. Hands with weights (dumbbells or heavy books) are moving from the top point in front of him at chest level ago.
Exercise from the floor. It is advisable to perform this exercise, pushing into the floor with your toes, not your knees. Remember that it is better to do less but to be honest: the result appears when you are doing, and not pretend that you do. Gradually increase number of repetitions.
Visit power zone gym. Use the equipment in the fitness centre, designed to create load for the pectoral muscles: the barbell (you can only deal with the stamp – a minimum weight), exercise machines of the type "butterfly" for the record, breeding hands. Do the exercises with dumbbells: arms bent at the elbows, and pinned to itself, the gradual dilution of the elbows to the sides.
Sign up in the pool. Swimming provides a uniform and sufficiently serious strain on the chest muscles. Visit the pool a couple of times a week to pump up muscles, but at the same time improve your posture which is so important in the struggle for an aesthetic chest.