Patients veins very often increase in size, forming on the surface of the skin spherical "nodules". The cause you must refer to phlebologist – specialist in vein diseases. In addition, you can use the simple but quite effective home treatment methods.

What can help modern medicine for diseases of the veins

The selected method of treatment of diseases of the venous system, to improve blood circulation in the veins and to tone the blood vessels. In addition, it is necessary to remove the blood clot (if formed) and to eliminate inflammation.

Doctor-phlebologist may recommend the patient to use ointments such as "Heparin", "Gepatrombin G" or gel "Lioton". In varicose vein disease (especially in cases of genetic predisposition to this disease) can use the drug "Desmopressin" – a synthetic analogue of vasopressin, acting on the exchange of liquid substances in the body and in the tone of veins. To relieve inflammatory processes assigned to different anti-inflammatory drugs. In cases where inflammation is caused by pathogenic bacteria, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. If medical therapy does not lead to a clear improvement, it is necessary to resort to surgery. The surgeon removes the dilated and inflamed veins.

What home remedies can reduce pain in the veins

If the sore veins in the legs, you must wear comfortable shoes. Women should abandon shoes on high heels. If you have excess weight you need to lose weight, using diet and doing exercise. You must also refrain from excessive stress, do not lift too heavy objects. Consumption of fatty, salty and marinated food, retain water in the body, it is necessary to minimize.

If diagnosed with varicose veins should wear compression stockings. Very useful as a douche to the feet at bedtime, with alternating cool and warm water.

Simple folk remedies you can use a poultice of raw potatoes. A few potatoes should be grate, gently squeeze the resulting mass, put it on a site with sick veins and wrap with polyethylene. After 4 hours rinse with warm water. This procedure must be repeated daily before bedtime to the onset of sustained improvement.