Advice 1: Why swollen whiskey

Some people periodically note the swelling of the temples, which is accompanied by headache, pain when chewing and a split in the eyes. These symptoms may be characteristic of temporal arteritis, which requires urgent treatment to the doctor.
Why swollen whiskey

What is temporal arteritis

Temporal arteritis is an inflammation of the arteries of the arms, neck, torso, and head in the latter case affected the temporal artery, which provides blood flow to the eye optic nerves and the head. The reasons for the development of temporal arteritis doctors consider viral, genetic and environmental factors, but the most accurate of its causes science is still unknown.

Temporal arteritis usually affects women over 55 years old men suffer from this disease less often.

An inflammation of the temporal arteries leads to swelling of their walls, causing the space between them significantly narrowed, which impedes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients from the blood flow in the vessels of the head. Often consequence of the arteritis may be a clot, which causes atrophy of the muscles of the eyelids, blindness or even stroke. The main symptoms of this disease are swelling of the temples and arteries, and pain with pressure on the temporal area. In addition, a person can feel headache, soreness of the scalp, severe pain in the temple, temporary blurred vision and General malaise.

Treatment temporal arteritis

The appearance of the above symptoms, an urgent need to visit the hospital to start treatment in time. After contacting the doctor will need to confirm the diagnosis for which the patient will be taken tests for erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein. In addition, the doctor will be guided by pronounced symptoms and biopsy results, which usually takes a piece of the temporal artery for a 100% certainty in diagnosis using laboratory tests.

The small size of the temporal arteries does not allow to treat this disease with surgery.

Successful treatment of temporal arteritis depends on the timely beginning of treatment and stage of the disease, so the doctor will prescribe medications before receiving the biopsy results. The main drugs used in this therapy are powerful anti-inflammatory drugs – glucocorticoids, which are first taken in large doses and then the dosage is gradually reduced. Noticeable effect from the treatment will occur a few days later, however, for a lasting result medical therapy will need to be repeated periodically for 1-2 years.

Advice 2 : Talking about speaking the veins on his forehead and headache

No matter a person lives in a major metropolis or a small town, it is still very often subjected to various stresses, and the environment leaves much to be desired, so sometimes it hurts a headache that may be accompanied by a protruding vein on his forehead.
Talking about speaking the veins on his forehead and headache

What is the meaning of speaking the veins on his forehead and headache?

As a result of any of stressful experiences in humans, increased blood pressure, and from this act the veins on his forehead. Esoi such a condition is accompanied by headache, therefore, intracranial pressure increased, too. Vessels just can't provide the body with nutrients and oxygen.
Headache is a symptom of vascular disease. To tolerate it is not necessary. It is best to try not only to eliminate a headache, but a complete examination specialists and to treat circulatory system.

Causes of severe pain in the head could be the following: vascular dystonia, the disease of the thyroid gland, kidneys, heart, arterial hypertension.
Also hugely influenced by fatigue and emotional state.

If your veins began throbbing, and his temples felt a sharp pain, you need to have to stay in bed and drink the medicine pre-measured their blood pressure (it is likely to be increased). If you don't want to risk the health, it is better to call an ambulance and perform diagnostics on the accurate identification of the disease.

Some people often have problems with visible veins, and a protruding forehead. This happens due to the reduction of collagen and skin ages, so often seen in the elderly veins. Unfortunately this process is not reversible, to get rid of it only by using the latest cosmetic techniques. And, unfortunately, only operative intervention under local anesthesia is able to help you. Convex Vienna is removed through two incisions.

Traditional methods of treatment of headaches and protruding veins

There are times when the ambulance had to travel, when the presence of the patient, for example, far from the settlement (after all, something can happen even while camping). In such situations you certainly will help folk remedies.

Mix the juice of the herb pupovci or leaves of cow parsnip with vegetable oil and RUB into the painful area of the head. Fit tea with mint or lemon balm. Ginger, willow herb, St. John's wort – all of these herbs and roots, you can briefly get rid of the excruciating pain.

If the pain is not too sharp, you'll walk in the fresh air, compresses of cabbage or grape leaves, massage and lime tea. It is important not to abuse folk remedies and treat disease under the supervision of experts. Also remember that if the headache hurts a newborn child, self to do in any case impossible.

In order not to risk your health, try to rest, to sleep, to avoid stress and to timely treatment and prevention of diseases. The only way you can get rid of the headache and its accompanying speaking vein on his forehead.
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