The allowance is determined on the basis of average earnings over the last two years, and is 100 percent from him. This benefit is calculated for 140 days (70 days before and 70 days after childbirth), if the woman expected one child. In the case of multiple pregnancy the number of days is increased to 194 (84 days before and 110 after birth).
The allowance for pregnancy and childbirth women workers were. If the expectant mother continues to work during vacations and maternity leave, the benefit is not granted to her. Most women still have this right and go on vacation. The benefit thus accrued no later than 10 days from the date of submission of the certificate of incapacity.
Together with the benefit of maternity leave may be paid the allowance for statement on the account on early terms of pregnancy. Currently, it is 438 roubles. To get it you need to take in prenatal appropriate certificate and attach it to the certificate of incapacity.
Non-working women the benefit is calculated on the basis of minimum size. To receive you need to contact the social security authorities of the population by place of residence.
Lump-sum allowance at birth of child working women is also issued through the employer. You will need to provide the birth certificate of the child, a certificate from the other parent that the allowance he was not accrued, and to write the corresponding application.
Since 2011, the amount of the lump sum is 11 703 of the ruble. You can get it for 6 months since the advent of the baby born.