It is the so-called esoteric container. By itself it can not produce cold, but able to retain the initial temperature products over a large amount of time, not less than ten hours. Stored in a bag products can be not only cold but also hot. And if you add the refrigerant in the thermal bag, separately Packed dry ice, the period of maintaining the desired temperature will increase significantly.

Automotive thermoelectric refrigerator

The following method of preserving food in the road is the use of a thermoelectric refrigerator. His work is carried out by connecting the wires to the cigarette lighter in your own composition of refrigerants in this case are not available. The main disadvantage of such devices is a slow set the required temperature and the inability to cool the food to freezing temperatures. Therefore, to expedite the process, apply dry ice, adding it to the bag.

The advantages of such a device include the fact that it is easy to carry because of its light weight and small size. Moreover, it is able to cool the product up to 25 ° C lower than the temperature in the car. Is a function of the products heated up to 65oC. The principle of its operation is that the heat from the bags are made using a thermocouple and fan cooling.

Compressor refrigerators

The following compressor refrigerators according to the principle of operation resembles a conventional home refrigerator. It includes heat exchanger, the evaporator and the compressor that pumps the freon. Currently, some models use the substitutes of freon. The main advantage of the refrigerators is its ability products cooling up to -18 ºc and maintain this temperature. In addition, a positive feature is the ability to work as power into 220V power supply and from cigarette lighter. The disadvantages include the high cost, large dimensions and a great sensitivity to vibrations and external influences.

Absorption car fridge

For operation of the refrigerator will fit both gas and electricity. This units cools much faster than others. It can easily be connected to mains 220 V or to the cigarette lighter. When there is no possibility to find electricity, these refrigerators can run on gas, thus simplifying the life of the car owners who love to relax in nature.