Varieties of of portable fridges

When choosing a portable fridge, you need to pay attention to the cooling technology and the convenience of the unit for transportation. Both of these factors are equally important. The type of cooling refrigerators are divided into thermoelectric, absorption, compression.

The most common is a compression type of refrigerators. These include almost all of the stationary options. They operate due to refrigerant (ammonia, freon, sulfur hexafluoride, etc.), passing from a liquid to a gas. As a result of this process is sufficiently rapid cooling of the products. The compression refrigerators can be of different sizes. They are economical. Some models can long keep the cold without a network connection.

The disadvantage of compression refrigerators is their inability to carry and low impact strength. There are many compact single-chamber refrigerators of this type, but mostly they are suitable for storing small quantities of food, than to transport them. Rather, it is a holiday option. However, some companies produce portable compression refrigerators, spacious (about 50L), and convenient for transportation, but they are expensive (about 40 thousand rubles.)

Absorption refrigerators operate on vodoobmena solution, heated on electric or gas source. Due to this circulation of the refrigerant. The main advantage of these refrigerators is that they can work without a network connection. However, you must keep in mind that absorption refrigerators are sensitive to tilts in connection with the contained liquid components. In General this type of refrigerator is not cheap (13-60 thousand rubles). The most affordable are the model operated with constant current. The most expensive refrigerators operating on the network and from gas cylinders.

Thermoelectric coolers, despite their high energy consumption, are most convenient for transporting products. They are able not only to cool but also warm. In them there is no refrigerant or moving parts, therefore, these models are environmentally safe. Operate only from the power supply.

Thermogradient can cool products to 0 degrees and heat up to 60-70 degrees. Their volumes range from 5 to 55 liters, at a cost of 2-4 thousand RUB Cheap models often have only cooling function.

The disadvantages of thermopropionicum is the fact that they slowly gain temperature. In this regard, prior to loading in a model, the products are preferably pre-cooled in a stationary refrigerator.

Insulated bags

Portable refrigerators it makes sense to buy only if you plan to leave them in the summer at the cottage or to take along on a long journey by car. Then they really will be invaluable. In other cases, it is better to purchase insulated bags or containers. Bags are not expensive – an average of 1,000 rubles, but you can find cheaper. Resemble normal travel bags for Luggage. They can be up to 50 l Bags of this type can maintain low temperature up to 5 hours without the use of a cold accumulator and a day. Drinks can be stored in the bags-flasks. The cold box can accommodate up to 140 HP is Able to keep the cold in for 12 hours without a battery and about 24 hours with him.

Insulated bags and containers require the use of special battery temperature, headelement or substitutes ice. However, they are sold separately. Their cost is low, and therefore such acquisitions are quite economical option.