Decide the volume of car refrigerator. If you prefer to travel with a big company or family over long distances, then you should opt for a model with a volume of not less than thirty liters. The longer your trip, the more volume you will need a refrigerator. Fans can travel short distances, it'll do the refrigerator, up to ten liters.
Refrigerators for cars are portable and embeddable. Portable fairly easy to use, it can be transferred from one place to another, it will come in handy at the cottage, fishing, picnicking and hunting. Embedded refrigerator has the shape of a bedside table or small Cabinet, it is installed directly in the car.
Decide on the type of power supply before buying a car cooler. It is connected directly to the power supply and is designed for 24 V (for buses and trucks) or 12 V (for cars). In specialized stores you can also find car refrigerator with food combined type (from a network machine or from a household outlet) that are easy to use when traveling to the cottage or country house. There are refrigerators that run on liquefied gas, the tank ensures continuous operation of the refrigerator for 200-300 hours.
Decide the type of cooling device located in the refrigerator. This feature of car refrigerator can be divided into compression, thermoelectric and absorption. Absorption and compressor are very poorly tolerate the bumps and rolls of the car. Therefore, they are most often used on coaches and trucks. For driving off-road or dirt road suitable thermoelectric coolers.