You will need
  • A poem, a musical instrument, the recorder.
Choose poems that you would like to set it to music. The lyrics can be almost any poem, but those who tried to write music to the poems, probably noticed that some lyrics are made for songs, and some stubbornly refuse to lie down on the melody. This is speaking about those verses that were not originally written as song lyrics. The reason is quite simple – poetry is largely built on the laws of music, and some verses are more melodic and easy on rhythm, and some-less. In any case, you can choose the poem you like, some will have to suffer.
Read the poem from beginning to end several times. Perhaps after that you will immediately feel the desired tune, and if not, you at least feel the rhythm, mood, dynamics of text – music should be in harmony with the sound of the text "move" as well as "moving" text.
Ideally, if you own any musical instrument – guitar, piano, etc. It can be even African drums – unusual, but interesting. Try to take some chords, think about what key will the song. Sing the words of the poem, try to feel what melody would they came. Important point – keep a record of all your attempts on tape. Ringtones have one bad property – they can very quickly fly out of the head, and you will lose forever a good song.
If musical instruments you don't own, just try to hum the tune, be sure to attempt recording on tape.
A song can last five minutes, and can last for days, weeks and months. Be patient and do not stop until until the song doesn't get finished. After work you can ask someone of your friends or acquaintances to listen to your work and ask for help with arrangement and vocals.