You will need
  • income certificate, a prescription from the pediatrician on appointment power, other documents
To get free dairy products for kid collect the necessary documents. Prepare in advance a passport of all family members, birth certificates of children and the documents confirming your marital status. If you are married, bring a certificate of his custody. If at the time of application for free meals you are divorced, give the specialists of social service paper on divorce.
Please contact the accounting Department at the place of work to obtain the income statement for the 3 months that precede the month of treatment. The same information must provide a spouse. When there is evidence of divorce you need to provide documents confirming the amount of alimony payments.
If the head of household is not working, it needs to stand on the labour exchange or to provide proof of his disability. Make sure to be able to justify a temporary lack of work. Otherwise, representatives of social services denied a certificate, giving the opportunity to receive free food.
Find out where you can get help on the purpose of free food. Often such documents issued to the Committee for the protection of motherhood and childhood. In some regions they give in one stop shop.
After receiving help, contact your pediatrician. The doctor will issue a prescription for supply in accordance with the age and needs of the baby. Children after 1 year of life, as a rule, do not write the formula and replace it with cereals.
The recipe on the appointment of the power contact point of delivery of dry milk mixes and gruels. As a rule, they are located in the children's clinic at the place of residence.
If you experience any problems with receiving power, refer to the owner of the clinic. That is the main doctors authorized to decide all issues related to the results of dry milk products, since it is through the medical establishment which they run.