The stereotype that buying things will bring nothing but pointless waste, has long outlived its usefulness. People sell appliances, not only because of its wear, but in connection with the move or change the design of the room. So buy quality washing machine you can successfully and inexpensively.


When choosing a washing machine should be performed "palpation of the equipment." It is the appearance these machines play a significant role in her purchase.

Basic criteria:
- warranty card;
- the integrity of the drum;
- operating the lock;
- drain and vodonapornoy hoses.

If the purchase is not the dealer, and with it, this does not mean that the technique must be defective or have flaws. Initially, ask your dealer to "Warranty". Usually, the product warranty is 2 years but some companies (Bosch and Siemens) the warranty can be extended for another 2 years.

The next point that cannot be overlooked is the integrity of the drum of the washing machine. Even with the slightest damage to the drum, the buyer puts himself at risk. To buy deliberately damaged the equipment makes no sense.

It is best to buy a washing machine with a metal lock on the hatch. Plastic castle short-lived. Inspect carefully for the presence of perepiski if this seam is detected, then better give up the purchase of this particular instance.

The important role played by the hoses. Some older models of Electrolux equipped with hose water that is not moving. Although in most cases these hoses can be replaced (the average price - 600 rubles).

With regard to the housing of the washing machine: minor fading allowed, but severe defects in the lower part of the housing or dents on the back cover of the washing machine needs to stop the buyer.

The ratio of price and functionality

Be prepared for the fact that the price of a washing machine, which has broad functionality and unique design significantly different from the washing machines with a standard set of functions.

Machine with function of "Spin" over 800 rpm will also be more expensive, despite the fact that they are used.

Washing machine should have the features that you really need. If you have small children, you should choose those washing machines that have options:

- boiling;
- light pressing.

If the buyer goes in for sports, you should choose a washing machine with the functions of the wash 15 minutes" and "Sports shoes".


If the bathroom is little space, it is desirable to select washing machines 40 cm width, and it is best to buy a machine not front loading, and vertical.

When buying washing machines with hand inspect a desirable purchase. Then you will not have problems with your purchase, and it will be pleasing and work properly.